Market Coverage Grains

A Trusted Partnership with Global Experts

Our specialised International Grains and Oilseeds Desk have a wealth of experience in servicing investors, consumers, traders and hedgers in global agricultural derivatives markets. With our roots deeply embedded in Agriculture, ADMISI is a financially secure non-banking GCM holding direct membership to the world’s major exchanges.

International Reach

We provide a trusted and secure service to organisations worldwide. We have an account-focused service from our dedicated team and provide our customers with swift and accurate trade execution. 

Spanning across all time zones, ADMISI provides 24 hour market access as well as a direct seat to the CBOT floor assisting customers with hedging solutions across all Agricultural markets including:

- Foreign Exchange
- Freight
- Coal
- Fertiliser
- Biofuels
- Energy

Benefits of working with ADMISI Grains and Oilseeds Desk

- Professional client-focused market execution and clearing.
- One of the largest non-banking clearers.
- Direct seat on the CBOT floor.
- Expert option execution.