Marc Oswald

Marc Ostwald

Global Strategist & Chief Economist (FX, Rates & EM, Asset Allocation)

As our Global Strategist & Chief Economist, Marc spends his time analysing and forecasting the impact of macro / microeconomic trends and examining (and where necessary challenging) market psychology. The processes of globalization, the ensuing credit crisis and the changed dynamics of global growth have served to accelerate a process of researching and investigating new and developing markets and economies.

The resultant recognition of global interconnectivity and dependencies of the financial and non-financial economies has dictated and facilitated the expansion of his analytical coverage from a G7 perspective to encompass most of the developed and developing economies across the globe, adopting at all times a lateral and critical thinking perspective on financial market trends.

Beyond the more traditional analyses of currency and interest rate markets across the globe, Marc also spends much time focussing on the fluid and often fickle nature of financial market views of economic developments (having originally studied Psychology), whilst also being a keen student of the distortions afforded to markets by positional risk, “de nouveau” capital adequacy and regulatory requirements, central bank policies, reserve manager asset allocations and pension fund regulations.

Having spent much of his childhood in Libya and Iran, Marc also has a particular interest in Middle Eastern culture, current affairs and history. Marc is a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg TV/Radio, BBC, BNN and widely quoted on newswires, newspapers and other digital media. (Previously, Marc set up and managed the Frankfurt office of pioneering online market analysis provider MMS, before moving to the London MMS office to work in product development and training).

Telephone: +44 20 7716 8534