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Introducing Brokers

Introducing Brokers choose ADMISI as an industry trusted counterparty due to our reputation, infrastructure, access to markets and knowledge or understanding of their business requirements. Our IBs can expect regular Compliance visits to their businesses and a proactive daily contact to assist and maintain efficiencies and support that are paramount for support. Our dedicated back-office staff and systems provide prompt and professional 24 hour support while our flexible rebate structure lets you easily tailor product charges to your client base.

An Introducing Broker (‘IB’) may be an individual or an entity regulated in the appropriate jurisdiction of domicile. IB status permits involvement in the day-to-day business relationship between the introduced client and ADMISI. Accordingly, the IB is permitted to pass on client instructions, if required. The IB may hold Limited Power of Attorney over the introduced client account and, if authorised to do so, may make investment decisions for and on behalf of the introduced client.