About ADMIS - Who We Are

The independent multi-asset specialists

ADM Investor Services International Limited ('ADMISI') is a full service multi-asset brokerage company with 106 years corporate history in London and extensive international experience, offering clearing and brokerage services into all major investment markets.

We facilitate over 180 million derivatives contracts a year on behalf of banks, institutional investors, corporates and trade clients, and high net worth individuals. In a crowded market place, our focus on broking expertise offers clear advantages:

  • One-stop shop – We provide trading expertise across the full spectrum of global asset classes, including equities, fixed income and a range of hard and soft commodities, spanning cash securities, physicals and derivatives.
  • Specialist trading teams – From equities to base metals to energy, we retain experienced specialists who fully understand the dynamics of their particular market to facilitate clients’ trading needs. We are globally recognised as a market-leading broker in sectors including sugar and soft commodities.
  • Fully independent – As an independent broker, we are completely impartial in our research and recommendations and have no conflicts of interest with clients trading.
  • Wholly client-focused – We do not conduct proprietary trading activities or manage any of our own funds, ensuring that all our expertise, time and resources are focused solely on our clients.
  • Comprehensive access – As an agent broker, we look to give our clients the most efficient and appropriate means to trade – enabling access to exchanges worldwide both by voice and electronically.
  • Diversified client base – Our extensive global client base spanning institutional investors, trade customers, hedge funds, and private individuals enables us a deep insight into market flows and trends.

ADMISI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland (UK) Limited in the UK and indirectly is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Archer Daniels Midland Company.