Market Coverage Energy

A partner at the heart of energy markets

The ADMISI energy team has over 50 years’ collective experience in global energy markets.

Originally participating in open outcry markets, we are now one of the major clearers for energy futures products and OTC cleared energy markets. A member of all three major exchanges for oil derivative trading – ICE, CME and DME – we are dedicated to staying ahead of developments in energy markets and continually add to the range of exchange products we offer.

Combining our European and US trading presence, we offer a global trading capability to our clients. Highly experienced front and back office teams deal with all energy product trading, clearing and delivery in certain products. Our specialist voice broking desk covers energy futures, handles block trades for both physicals and swaps and ICE OTC cleared products, from 08:00 to 19:30hrs GMT. We give access to independent software vendors (ISVs) to facilitate customers trading needs.

We work closely with clients to assess the best solutions to hedge their risk exposure. Subject to financial assessment, credit is available to facilitate energy trading activities.