Stephen Lewis

Stephen Lewis started his career in financial markets with the stockbroking firm, Phillips & Drew, in 1970 after graduating in psychology and philosophy from Balliol College, Oxford. He worked in Phillips & Drew’s gilt-edged securities department, becoming a Partner in 1980, a Managing Partner in 1984 and Director of Economic Research in 1985, when the firm incorporated to be subsequently taken over by Union Bank of Switzerland. During those years, he developed a high media profile and was dubbed by ‘The Times’ newspaper the ‘Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse’ after successfully foecasting the recurrent crises that beset the UK economy at that time.

In 1988 Stephen gave up his full-time position at UBS Phillips & Drew, although continuing for several years as a consultant to that investment bank’s Debt Division. He established his own company, Fifth Horseman Publications, which published newsletters and provided consultancy services on global financial markets to UK and international banks, fund management institutions and to governments. In 1992 he was a founding partner of The London Bond Broking Co which, in 1996, became a division of Monument Derivatives Ltd (renamed Monument Securities Ltd from June 2001). Monument Securities Ltd, in turn, was absorbed in ADM ISI Ltd in 2014

Stephen is a member of the Securities Institute and of the Society of Business Economists. He also serves as Treasurer of the Forum for European Philosophy and has been elected to the Royal Institute of Philosophy.

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